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Herontrad Linguistic Solutions. We are a language services company that mainly provides technical translations. We started operating in 2013.

We not only provide a translation service, we also offer language solutions, so we advise our clients to help them make the most of their image.

We have a team of over 20 native-speaking translators with extensive professional experience, in some cases extending over 20 years.

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We are professionals

We carry out our work according to the conditions and turnaround times agreed with our clients.

We are specialists

We are highly specialised in very specific sectors.

We are experts

With over 20 years of experience, the quality of our team of translators’ work is assured.

We are people

We listen to you, we understand you and we tailor our translations services to meet your needs.

85satisfied clients
7million words translated
10languages translated
22years of experience


Culinary translations

From restaurants in tourist areas to food companies with global markets, we can always meet your need to have texts in several languages.   In this specialist area, we can translate restaurant menus, recipes and descriptions of food products.

Technical translations

Whether for factories or distribution companies or even online stores, we handle instruction manuals, product datasheets, product descriptions, safety datasheets and technical reports.

Marketing translations

We help to improve your company’s communication. In this specialist area, we handle advertisements, campaigns and product descriptions.

Ceramic product translations

We also handle all kinds of texts related to the tile industry, from datasheets for ceramic products and technical reports to product descriptions.

Tourism translations

We help to effectively deliver your tourism content to your customers. Descriptions for hotels and tourist destinations and travel information.

Text revision and correction

If you do not have translation needs, but due to the nature of your company you must write texts and so you wish, we can review them so that you project your image in the best possible way.


Here are some of the clients who we work with.



These are the languages that we usually work with, but on request we can provide translations in whatever language combination you require. Send us a query.

Language combinations

English-Spanish / Spanish-English

French-Spanish / Spanish-French

Italian-Spanish / Spanish-Italian

Portuguese-Spanish / Spanish-Portuguese

German-Spanish / Spanish-German

Russian-Spanish / Spanish-Russian


Do you need a translation? Count on us. Ask for information and we will contact you.

We are based in Burriana, (Spain), but we work for anywhere in the world.

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